The New Revel

Highlighting changes on the New Revel


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We are excited to share the new and improved Revel, designed to:

  • Increase engagement 
  • Increase spending and creator earning
  • Keep inflation of both card editions and ECVs at economically healthy levels

 Below, we’ve summarized some of the big updates so that you’ll know what to expect as you explore the app:


Minting becomes “Drops"

Each mint triggers a 24-hour leaderboard, on which collectors compete to secure higher-rarity Harvest Cards. Leaderboards are always open, even before a Drop is scheduled, and collectors can add Likes in between Drops as well.



Introducing “Likes”

The Daily Shake now includes an additional reward, called “Likes,” that is represented by a heart icon and can be used to compete on Leaderboards. Additionally, you can earn Likes by electing to burn cards from your collection.


Other activities, such as QuickBuy, will award creator-specific Likes to the active Leaderboard.



Investing Likes on Leaderboards will increase your individual standing and may also increase the overall quality of rewards (i.e. Harvest rarities) for the creator and other collectors at the time of the Drop.



Booster Levels

Locking Sets of a creator’s cards increases your collector level with that creator, which we’re now calling your “Booster Level.” The higher your Booster Level, the higher your “Likes multiplier” when adding Likes that creator’s Leaderboard.



Lock any card, anytime - for Boosts

Users can now lock any combination of three cards rather than following strict set requirements that increase in difficulty. Each card locked in a Set will award Boosts that increase your Booster Level with that creator. The higher a card’s rarity, the more Boosts it awards, when locked. 


Creator’s “Keep” Editions

  • Our old system always allowed creators to automatically keep 6 Common Editions, 3 Rare Editions, and 1 Unique whenever minting a new pack.  
  • Moving forward, the number of editions kept by a creator will be determined based on demand for each Drop, as measured by Likes posted on Leaderboards. High demand (more Likes) on Leaderboards will allot more editions to the creator.
  • To prevent card inflation, low demand on Leaderboards will allot fewer editions to the creator. 
  • Leaderboards with minimal demand will result in Drops consisting of only 3 Common cards and no Rares or Uniques.

Unique Cards price set by card owner



  • Creators can now elect to make their Unique cards available for QuickBuy at prices they determine.
  • When a Unique owner does not establish a QuickBuy price, they can choose to accept offers to trade their Unique (no change from previous approach).

Common and Rare ECV (Estimated Card Value) Optimization

  • In our previous system, creators experienced inflation of card values: ECV has often not been representative of what collectors have been willing to pay in trades and QuickBuys.
  • This distortion has caused mistrust in the marketplace, significantly lower sales and creator earnings (who wants to pay inflated prices?), and perceived devaluation of the cards.
  • Moving forward, the ECV displayed on Common and Rares will be optimized to reflect recent cash trading. 

Daily Shake → “Revel Shake”

Revel Shake.png


  • Revel Shake refreshes every 6 hours.
  • Revel Shake awards “Likes” to users in addition to previous potential rewards.

Platform Fees

All transactions now incur a 2.5% platform fee in addition to creator royalties. Barters include a 5% fee on the estimated value of the cards offered by the user initiating the trade, 2.5% of which will be awarded to the creators of the cards being traded for. These nominal fees will ensure better and more thoughtful trades, more accurately reflect true demand for cards, reward creators in barter trades, and reduce wash-trading activity by bad actors.


What’s Next?

We are excited to introduce the new competitive gameplay, and much tighter economy, that is designed to:

  • Increase engagement 
  • Increase spending and creator earning
  • Keep inflation of both card editions and ECVs at economically healthy levels

We recognize that the changes we described above represent a massive shift in the overall user experience, and we probably didn’t get everything right! We look forward to working with our community to understand what’s working and what’s not as we continue to evolve and grow the app.


Thanks for your patience over the last few months as we’ve built and tested this experience. It’s been a long journey for us, and we hope you enjoy the new Revel!