Introducing Revel 2.0

Followers can finally partner with Creators



Today, we released Revel 2.0, a new and exciting version of the Revel app.

Revel 2.0 strives to promote “shared ownership” between creators and their fans. To get there, we introduced Tribes: a community space associated with each creator on Revel. Tribes give fans access to the creators that they collect and own. By owning editions of the creators’ media, collectors effectively partner with creators in a new way and benefit from their successes as they grow in popularity. More about the Revel vision…

With 2.0, we also strive to make Revel more accessible and simple!

What is new in Revel 2.0?

Progressive Set Creation (easier for new players!):

We made creating Sets easier. The initial sets that users complete of each creator now consist of 3 Common cards! This provides a much easier-to-achieve initial goal for early users, who found it hard to get their hands on Rare and Unique Cards to complete their first Sets. The more Sets of a creator’s cards that users complete, the harder the subsequent combinations of cards become.



Introducing Tribes!

Each creator now has a community called a “Tribe.” Each Tribe has a Leaderboard listing the Creator’s top collectors. Tribe chat (coming soon) will allow fans who collected Sets (Partners) to join the conversation. Over time, additional Tribe functionality and creator-focused features to manage Tribes will be introduced.


Wallet. Show me the money!

Now, users can easily see their cash balance, earnings, and transaction history. The wallet is also where users can purchase Revs, Joker Tokens, and Personas, as well as apply to cash out.


Anything else?


  1. Following creators on Revel is out, “Partnering” is in: Followers are no longer a thing on Revel. Instead — users who create a Set of the Cards of another user — are now celebrated and counted. These collectors are called Partners.
  2. Feed: The feed tab is gone in Revel 2.0.

That’s everything, for now…

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