May Product Update



We are excited to officially announce THREE major new features in our app:

  • Daily Shake
  • Referrals
  • Unlock Minting

Daily Shake

Daily Shake is a way to reward the users who use the app the most. Once per day, users can shake their phones to receive a random prize. Prizes include:

  • Free Revs ($R)
  • Subsidized offers to other users for their Assets
  • Our unique utility Asset (called a “Joker”)! Jokers can be used to complete a Series of other users and are highly valued in trading.

You can find the Daily Shake on the “Discover” screen. If you have push notifications enabled, we’ll send you a message each day, when it’s ready to claim.


We know how passionate our community is about promoting Now we can finally reward you for recruiting new users! Invite friends, family, and other members of your personal network to the app and you’ll both be rewarded with our in-app currency, Revs ($R). Here’s how it works:

  • Each new user needs to enter a referral code when creating their account (after downloading the app). Do this on the same screen on which you enter your name.
  • The referral code is the account name of the referrer. The referrer can find this code by tapping on the “Invite and earn” button in either the Feed or Settings pages of the app
  • The new user will receive an Asset from the person who referred them during the new-user experience. Additionally, they can choose to make an offer on a second Asset from the referrer as their first trade (also during the tutorial).
  • After the new user mints their first Collection, both the referrer and referred user will receive a $R bounty.

From the Referral screen in the app, you can easily share your code via a direct message or as an image, to social media.

Unlock Minting

Previously, we only allowed users to create new Collections after another user had completed a Series using their Assets. Now, we have added the ability to “pay to mint” using $R, even if they have not been collected by another user. Just tap “Create Your Collection” on the Dashboard and you’ll see a screen allowing you to proceed for a nominal $R fee. This is a great way for users to continue creating and collecting, even if their Assets are not yet highly demanded in the community.

We believe that these new features will make even more fun and rewarding for our users. We hope you enjoy them!


Here are some testimonials from our users about the new features:

  • “I love the Daily Shake! It’s a great way to get free rewards just for using the app.” — Sarah J.
  • “Pay to Mint is a lifesaver! I was running out of Revel Dollars, but now I can keep minting NFTs without having to trade with other users.” — John D.
  • “The new features are great! Revel is the best app for creating and collecting NFTs.” — Jane S.


Q: How many Revs do I receive for a referral?

A: The referrer received 100 $R or a successful referral. The new user receives 50 $R. These bounties may be subject to change, in the future.

Q: How is my Daily Shake prize determined each day?

A: Daily Shake rewards are randomized for each user, every day. You’ll never know in advance if you’re going to receive a subsidized offer on a Common, Rare, Unique, a $R bonus, or a Joker until you SHAKE IT, BABY!

Q: How much does paid minting cost?

A: Minting currently costs X but may change over time.