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How to play

Step 1

Increase your net worth

You can achieve this in two ways:

Increase your net worth

Collect and lock a Set of Cards created by another user and gain harvest each time they create.

Other users collect a Set of your Cards which enables you to create more.

Step 2

Create your first Pack

You can mint your first Pack of Cards by uploading 3 photos or videos and assigning them a different type of rarity: Common (10 Editions), Rare (5 Editions), Unique (1 Edition). These are called Cards on Revel.

Create your first Pack

Step 3

Collect Series

Collect Cards from another creator to complete a Set. Sets can be created by collecting any three Cards by one creator. Sets must be locked to take full effect.

Mint your first collection

Step 4

Mint More Collections

You can create a new Pack once someone has collected and locked a Set of your Cards. Likewise, you unlock a new minting opportunity for another creator by locking a Set of their Cards.

Create your first Pack

Step 5

Harvest Series

When you collect a Series of another creator, you are eligible for Harvest. Harvest is a bonus asset gifted to you from any newly minted collection by the creator of which you have locked at least one Series of.

Mint your first collection


See full list of FAQs here

What is Revel?

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Revel is a social collectibles platform. The goal on Revel is to gain levels and increase your balance by creating and trading digital trading Cards.

Can people make money on Revel?

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NFTs are unique digital assets that may have financial value. In the future, we plan to enable users to withdraw funds that they earn from selling personal media Assets on Revel.

What is Card Rarity?

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  • Rarity provides insight into the number of Editions of an Card.
  • There can only be 1 Unique Edition in a Pack.
  • Rare Cards start with 5 Editions.
  • Common Cardss start with 10 Editions.
  • When a user creates new Packs, their Rare and Common Editions increase each time and are given to Set owners.

What is a Set?

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  • A Set is formed when a user collects 3 Cards from the same creator and Locks them together.
  • Upon a Set being formed:
    1. The creator of the Sets Cards is able to create another Pack.
    2. The Owner of the Set is eligible for Bonus Editions from the Creator. Bonus Editions are received by the Set wwner everytime the Creator makes a new Pack.

What are Bonus Cards and how are they earned?

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Bonus Drops are Cards distributed to the holders of a Set when the user who created the Cardss in the said Set creates a new Pack.

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