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The Revel Help Center is your go-to for all things Revel, whether you're a seasoned player or just getting started.

How to play

Step 1

Discover Creators, Collect Cards, and earn

Discover Creators, Collect Cards, and Earn

Step 2

Explore Upcoming Drops

Discover up and coming creators and Drops. New cards being minted with have a 24 hour leaderboard before dropped.

Create your first Pack

Step 3

Climb Leaderboards, Earn Rewards.

With every Leaderboard, Collectors can add Likes to increase their chances of earning bonus cards.

Climb Leaderboards

Step 4

Likes and Revs on Revel

Likes and Revs on Revel

Step 5

Boost Your Gameplay

Collect Sets of 3 Cards from Creators
Once a Set is locked, receive a Booster Level on your Likes

Boost Your Gameplay


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What is Revel?

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Revel is a gamified social marketplace in which collectors support creators and earn exclusive collectibles.

What are Likes?

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Likes are a consumable item in Revel that you can spend to support creators and climb higher on their Leaderboards. The higher your standing on a Likes Leaderboard, the better rewards you get when the pack drops.

What is the Leaderboard?

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  • The Leaderboard shows the total number of Likes users have accumulated for a particular creator during the drop period. The higher you stand on the leaderboard when the Drop occurs, the better reward you will receive.

What are Booster Levels?

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  • Booster Level is a creator-specific indicator of progress that gives you a multiplier that increases the efficacy of Likes you apply to individual leaderboards. Users can earn Booster levels by locking Sets, which awards and Boosts.

How do I earn on Revel?

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Creators can earn by:
-Creating card packs and trading them with other users.
-Earning royalties when other users trade their cards.
Collectors can earn by:
-Making trades for popular cards.
-Spending likes on creators' Leaderboards to gain Harvest (free cards received by collectors whenever a user drops a new pack) and trading them to others.

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